Be one of the first hundred million people to reserve a personal World Wi-Fi Number

Enable your friends to call or text you from any phone in any country to your republic wireless phone without having to pay extra for international long distance.

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We took one small step for smartphone freedom in the US.

Today with republic wireless, your friends and family in the US can call or text you anywhere in the US for $19 per month, whether you are in Wi-Fi or not.


And another step for Wi-Fi freedom worldwide.

Anywhere in the world you have Wi-Fi, your US friends and family can text or call you at the same number, at no cost and with no extra hassle.


Now, a giant step forward for your friends around the world.

Reserve a World Wi-Fi Number today. Once you link it to your republic wireless phone, it’ll be easier and cheaper than ever for friends all over the world to reach you.


What is a World Wi-Fi Number?

A World Wi-Fi Number is a secondary number assigned to your republic wireless phone (in addition to your primary domestic number). The World Wi-Fi Number makes it easier and cheaper for family and friends outside the US to stay in touch with you.

Why should I get one?

Right now, with republic wireless your friends and family in the US can call or text you anywhere in the US and it costs you $19 per month, whether you’re in Wi-Fi or not. You can also receive calls anywhere in the world (as long as you have Wi-Fi) from friends and family in the US with no extra cost or hassle.

But what about friends and family outside the US? When someone outside the US places a call to a US number, that call is routed overseas by their carrier via one or more intermediary companies. Normally, fees get added by all the companies along the way. In the case of republic, we now offer every carrier in the world a way to pass us that traffic directly, at no charge.

Why are calls to a World Wi-Fi Number cheaper?

Without the traditional middlemen and their traditional taxes, fees, levies and duties, transnational telecom can cost a whole lot less. You’re very welcome.   :)

What’s next?

Reserve your World Wi-Fi number now! Once you’ve reserved your number, we’ll send you details when we roll out the feature (in 2012) on how to link it with your republic wireless phone.

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